Welcome to the Vocabulary from our book WikiEdit

Here we are going to add vocabulary words from the book we read today. After you find a word you had difficulty with, find the definition and put both the word and the definition on this page.

To add your vocabulary word:

1-Click on the edit link beside “latest activity”

2-Go to the BOTTOM of the page and add your vocabulary word.  DO NOT write over someone else’s work, they worked hard on their word.

3-After you add your word, add the definition. 

4-Do not forget to hit the purple PUBLISH button in the top right corner to save your work.

5-Have fun!

Describe your topicEdit

First grade vocabulary.

Latest activityEdit


Blaze - a very large or fiercely burning fire.

Ember- a piece of wood or coal that is still hot and red after a firehas stopped burning

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